Monday, October 13, 2008

Who Was That Masked Man

Dennis is making a mad dash through Europe so he can be back in time for Bart's birthday on Nov. 24. ( And Thanksgiving, Jenna's birthday this year, on Nov. 27)

Catch up with Dennis at the following locations.

October 17 Morning Arrive Milan
October 17 Evening Bern
October 18-19 Lausanne
October 20 Idle
October 21 Limoges, France
October 22 Rotterdam
October 23-25 Idle, possibly Manchester
October 26 Birmingham England
October 27 Idle
October 28 Groningen Netherlands
October 29-30 Arhus Denmark
October 31 Viborg, Denmark
November 1-2 Kiel
November 3 Bordersholm, Germany
November 4-5 Idle
November 6 Fly to NYC from Milan


Jay said...

If it's Tuesday, this must be Denmark

Jay said...

oop's Belgium